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"Back to black"

For the first time in more than a decade, the Budget is positioned to be in a surplus.  With the Budget centred around a ‘back to black’ position, it was always going to be a question of whether the Government would take a longer-term view towards strengthening and stabilising the economy, or use the improved budgetary position for a short term sprint across the finish line to appeal to voters pre-election.

Federal Budget 2019-20

Election sprint or fiscal marathon?

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Federal Budget Q&A Panel Discussion

With both parties having revealed their Budget plans in the lead up to the May 18 Federal Election, our in-house team of experts have undertaken a comprehensive analysis of this year's Budget outcomes, to help you understand what the Coalition and Labor Party's proposed reforms could mean for you. 

Our subject matter experts dissect key announcements applicable to individuals, businesses and regional Australia in this wide ranging Q&A panel discussion, led by Findex Managing Partner, Stuart Brehaut. 

Our panel of experts discuss key Federal Budget announcements.

From the CEO's desk

With a looming election and the Government trailing in the polls, Findex Chief Executive Officer, Spiro Paule, provides a business view on the 2019-20 Federal Budget.

Hear from Findex CEO Spiro Paule as he shares his view on this year's Federal Budget.

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Federal Budget 2019-20: Considered View Report

With Opposition leader, Bill Shorten, having issued Labor's response to the Federal Budget on 4 April 2019, the field has been set in preparation for the upcoming May 2019 election.

Following the Opposition's reply, our experts have undertaken a detailed analysis of reforms proposed by both parties to highlight key considerations for individuals, businesses, superannuation and more.

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For a short summary of key Budget outcomes, read our Budget Snapshot.

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Budget Snapshot