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There are many theories as to what drives financial literacy, including socioeconomic backgrounds and cultural or geographic considerations. It’s also widely understood that our younger years are formative for establishing financial behaviours and habits that can build the foundations of our financial capabilities as adults.

Sound financial decision-making is strongly linked with improved financial wellbeing and greater participation in economic life, affecting quality of life, the opportunities people can pursue, their sense of security, and the overall economic health of society.


Managing Wealth Report 2022

By 2050, Baby Boomers are set to pass on an estimated $224 billion each year in inheritances to Millennials and Gen Z[1]. And while our research shows Millennials and Gen Z feel confident about managing their money, it also shows they are spending for today, pursuing riskier investments, and most have below $79,999 in a superannuation balance despite believing they need $1 million to retire comfortably.

Find out more about how Australians across generations are saving and investing with our Managing Wealth Report.  

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What you will learn from the report

How Australians are managing their money 

How Australians are spending and investing

How your financial habits compare to others in your generation

How Australians are engaging with financial advisers


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References [1] Baby Boomers to pass on $224b a year by 2050, Australian Financial Review, 7 December 2021,

How Australians across generations are spending and investing

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How ready is the next generation to handle the great wealth transfer?

are expecting an inheritance - 
more so than previous generations.

How prepared are they to take on this responsibility? Could the expectation of an inheritance be providing a false sense of security among the next generation?

Find out more inside and get started with your report.

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are expecting an inheritance - more so than previous generations