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There are many theories as to what drives financial literacy, including socioeconomic backgrounds and cultural or geographic considerations. It’s also widely understood that our younger years are formative for establishing financial behaviours and habits that can build the foundations of our financial capabilities as adults.

Sound financial decision-making is strongly linked with improved financial wellbeing and greater participation in economic life, affecting quality of life, the opportunities people can pursue, their sense of security, and the overall economic health of society.

Gen Z is more interested in buying products that will give them the best value based on their price.

Findex conducted a 2021 Financial Literacy Study, surveying more than 270 young people (aged 15-25) to identify any common themes that potentially indicate lower levels of financial understanding across the nominated cohort.

There are many theories as to what drives financial literacy, including socioeconomic backgrounds and cultural or geographic considerations. It’s also widely understood that our younger years are formative for establishing financial behaviours and habits that can build the foundations of our financial capabilities as adults.

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An assessment of financial literacy levels across young Australians

Making money
Spending money
Saving money

Findex Community Fund is proud to present 'Young Money'.

This podcast will cover day-to-day financial skills for young Australians, including: 

  • Basic financial literacy
  • Buy-now pay-later
  • Starting casual work
  • Taxes
  • Superannuation

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  • Budgeting
  • Personal debt
  • Uni loans
  • Insurance
  • ... and more!
Download resources

We have prepared a variety of resources for you to use within your schools or offices and to share across your networks.

Access the toolkit for schools for a free library of downloads of posters, flyers, imagery, social media text and newsletter inserts.

Resources for schools


Read this explainer from the Reserve Bank of Australia to learn 'What is Money?'

Take the quiz now!

A guide to starting a new job

This document provides information on starting a new job including your rights, employer responsibilities and a checklist of what to expect on your first day.

Pay calculator

Use this calculator to quickly estimate how much you will be paid after taxes, and any deductions that are made before-tax (Super, HECS etc).

Learn more about pay slips

Learn more about payslips including when you should get one and what should be included.

Test your financial literacy

FairWork website

Everything you need to know about your rights at work.

Australian Taxation Office

Learn more about Tax and how to set up your myGov account here.

Beacon Foundation

View more opportunities from the Beacon Foundation and learn more about their Industry live program.

Tax calculator

This calculator will tell you how much tax you will pay in the year.

Your tax return

Learn more about how to lodge your tax return and get more info on why we pay tax.

Tax file number declaration

Use this form when starting a new job, this may also be provided to you by your new employer.


2019 Consumer payments survey responses. See how Australians are spending money.

Buy now pay later services

Following on from episode 2, read more about the buy now pay later industry and service.

Life insurance

Learn more about how life insurance works and if it could benefit you.

Car insurance

If you have a car, you may already have car insurance. Look at what the different insurance types cover.

Higher education

The Department of Education, Skills and Employment will give you more information on studying in regional areas and what support is available.

Credit cards

Further information on choosing a credit card and how best to use it.

Credit card calculator

Figure out how long it will take you to pay off that credit card and how much you'll save if you pay more than the minimum repayment amount.


Browse this page to learn more about the different types of loans and what to expect when applying.

Moneysmart cars app

Moneysmart have created this app to help you calculate the real costs of buying a car and ways of financing.

How Super works

Following on from episode 5 learn more about Superannuation, your options, and some things you can do to manage it effectively.


What is Super, why you need it and what to do when starting or moving jobs.

Consolidating Super funds

If you've had multiple jobs, you may have more than one Super fund. This page will guide you on how to pick which fund is best for you and how to consolidate your funds.

Savings goals calculator

You've set your savings goals, now use this calculator to determine the exact figures and timelines.

Budget planner

This budget planner is available online or in an Excel spreadsheet. Download or bookmark and use this to manage your own budget.

Money manager

Find your weekly summary of money in and money out by inputting all your income and expenses.

My Money Mentor

This book and blog provides further information and guidance on how to manage your attitude to money, and stay on track to achieve your goals.

Broke Girl Wealth

From episode one of our series, Aleks runs her own Instagram and Tik Tok giving simple and accessible advice.

Country Education Foundation

Learn more about the grants available from CEF that can contribute towards further education or practical traineeships.

Scholarships in Australia

There are a large number of scholarships available to Australian students. Use this guide to find what is available and start applying!

Commonwealth Scholarships

Learn more about this Commonwealth supported program for young Australians living in regional Australia.

To create equal access to opportunity for people isolated by location or circumstance through programs that are regionally relevant, nationally impactful and globally scalable.

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With more than 110 Findex offices widely dispersed across Australia and New Zealand, the FCF has been created through our genuine desire to give back to the communities that are the lifeblood of our business.

Spending money
Making money
Saving money

What is financial literacy?

The truth about ‘buy-now pay later’

Tax simplified

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Would you like to learn more about how to best manage your finances in order to set yourself up for your future?

Answer these 10 multiple-choice questions to gauge an understanding of your financial behaviours. The quiz will take approximately 1 minute to complete.

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Starting casual work

What is Superannuation?

Saving money: Tips, tricks & setting goals

All things budgeting

Insurance essentials

Uni debt & borrowing money

Financial literacy for the future